Rush Hour by MM for my Loulette
Bonjour mon Amour !!!
  It is almost done, you'will see. This is my way to say "thank you" that i can life with you.

The old big bugs are killed, there are only a few ones left:

  • sometimes you have to click more than once on a car to move it
  • if you still have clicked it a few times and the car doesnt moves at all, try to let him move backward
  • sometimes there's possible, that cars which are moved very close to another car. If one of them doesn't move, the "blocking" car backward to get access to the "blocked" car
  • Levels & Handling
      You are the red car in the middle of the field. You have to move (use your mouse by clicking a car) the other cars and trucks to leave the screen at the right of the screen. If you had success, you are coming up to the next level. Good Luck!
    Just a few things, they are very important for the gameplay.
  • There are 10 of 40 levels available at the moment
  • there is no way to restart a level
  • you can't continue at the level you finished the last visit
  • Legend of Levels
      Green: Beginner
    Orange: Intermediate
    Blue: Advanced
    Red: Expert
      Java Virtual Machine: download